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about marguerite

A lifelong lover of the arts, Marguerite Lloyd graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a major in dance. She studied many forms of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, ballroom, Irish step dance and currently performs and teaches bellydance as well as paints. “My love of dance has contributed greatly to my painting, giving my work a sense of movement and spacial awareness that carries over to composition. I have been called a colorist and my painting style referred to as “mythological narrative”. Drawn to the mythologies of various cultures, Marguerite’s interests also lie in depicting the moody landscapes and seascapes of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This includes the slice of life images that best represent the soul of the place, culture, character or time. She has traveled extensively throughout the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland, mostly preferring far flung areas off the beaten track that still hold on to a sense of connection with the land, local culture, stories and traditions. Marguerite also paints landscapes from her imagination as well, hoping to bring the viewer to a place radiating with peace and beauty, where images can heal and uplift the soul.

“Mood, lighting and color are very important to me and are carried into my paintings through my background in dance and theater. Although I am an Arizona native and love the intense colors of this area, the canyons, forests, and deserts, I am also powerfully drawn to the mystic beauty and drama of the British Isles and Ireland. Many of their coastal areas are so expansive, wild and soulful. They are under-appreciated gems.”

Marguerite Lloyd studied art for many years with the late Lillias Apland, a master in her own right, who studied with R. Brownell McGrew, a famous painter of American Indians and their way of life. “Lillias encouraged me to find my own path as a painter and to paint not only what I see, but also what I feel- the soul of it. It is my dream to share the peace and inspiration that I feel when I am painting, and to leave a lasting impression, however great or small, that renews the viewer’s spirit and belief in the magic and beauty of life.”

Painters who have influenced Marguerite’s work are J.W. Waterhouse, Frederick Lord Leighton, Alan Kingwell, E. John Robinson and Frank Frazetta.

Marguerite’s artwork has been featured in local galleries in Arizona, the Pacific Northwest of The United States, trade shows, Etsy, and purchased in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Germany. She lives with her menagerie of 4 cats and 2 Shetland Sheepdogs- Angus and McGregor.

Marguerite’s work has been featured in the following galleries and shows:

• Art in the Garden

Physical Galleries:
• WomanKraft
• Kirsten Gallery

• 32nd Annual Northwest Marine Art Exhibition
• Drawing Down the Muse (multiple shows)
• Everything Spiney
• Christmas Show (multiple times)
• Veteran’s Day Show at Tucson-Southern AZ VA Hospital (Solo dance and painting show)
• Multiple Treasuries on Etsy
• B&B’s in Scotland

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